Moving a WordPress site to a different domain and webhosting

In your domain’s wordpress Dashboard:  Tools >> Export >>> select ALL CONTENTS option (This will contain all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts.) >>> Click the “Download Export File” In your domain’s File Manager: Copy all contents on this 3 important WordPress Folders: IMAGES, WP-CONTENT and WP-INCLUDES In… Read More »

Web development Checklist

Tips in web development prior to actual development: What is your purpose in creating the website? What is your objective and goal? Who’s your target market/audience Are the information for the contents of your website ready for posting or not? Do you have a design/layout/theme available or you do it from scratch? Do you have… Read More »

Online presence for your business

Building an online presence for your business is no longer exclusive for the “big boys” who can afford to acquire expensive computer hardwares, softwares, maintain and manage it to I.T. experts. With the growing popularity of cloud computing, affordable computer gadgets and the availability of internet connection in majority of places makes it accessible to… Read More »